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Other Class Info

Daily Class Procedures  

I try to keep my students and parents as informed as possible. Each day, students will begin with a 5 minute ‘bellringer.’ This is to either review the previous day’s work or preview into what will be covered that day. Once the bellringer has been checked and reviewed, homework from the previous day will be checked if any was assigned. After collecting grades, we will begin the new lesson for that day. Students are asked to follow along in their book as I introduce new units and math concepts. While they follow along, I work on strengthening their ability to take notes through our math journal. In the journal, the students take notes via the examples in the book as well as the examples written on the board. This is a great tool for them to use to complete homework assignments and study for tests. Through practice and participation, the students should have a good foundation of the subject matter before assigning homework. The homework, usually averaging between 10-15 problems, is a way for them to practice at the content we introduced that day. I try my best to give students time at the end of each class to begin working on their homework in case of any extra questions. Their grade percentage is broken down into four areas and are each weighed different. TEST -40%, QUIZ -25%, HOMEWORK -20%, and PARTICIPATION -15%. Students will have the opportunity to make up any homework they perform poorly on, but must approach me about the make-up work. Students missing a day of class will be given any homework they missed and will have the amount of days missed to make up the homework. (Ex.- 1 day missed, 1 day to make up. 2 days missed, 2 days to make up…etc..). Our online gradebook, Skyward, will be available for you to view and see your students grades. I will be updating this site as often as possible.