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Links for Homework Help

PS4.2: Behavior of Sound & Electromagnetic Waves (Reflection, Absorption, Transmission & Refraction)
PS4.2: Behavior of Sound Waves: Watch videos to see how sound waves behave differently (reflect, absorb, transmit or refract) when the wave encounters different mediums
PS4.1 Waves - Types & their Properties
PS4.1 Online Lab: Wave Properties: Amplitude, Frequency & Wavelength: While measuring these properties of a wave, students will discover the relationship between 1. wavelength and frequency and 2.amplitude and energy
PS4.1: Relationship between Energy & Frequency and Energy & Amplitude:
  • More energy = larger amplitude of wave 
  • More energy transferred in short period of time (High frequency) = short wavelength
What to review for your Science test on Tuesday, November 20th:
  • We are currently working on standard PS4.1: Wave Properties. Please review these opportunities to see how prepared you are for the test. 
  • ALWAYS look for the current standard for any of these activities listed below.
  • EDpuzzle: You can watch/rewatch any videos that have PS4.1 in the title of the video.
  • Quizlet: You can practice your vocabulary for the upcoming test using this. (Remember standard is PS4.1)
  • Quizizz: The code for test is 500702. Be sure to use this to see over 30 sample test questions!
  • Of course, there are your notes, QODs and in-class activities (in which we used the websites below) to learn more about the standard. (All activities & notes will also have the standard PS4.1 at the top of the page)
  • Please watch EDpuzzle videos that start with "REVIEW FOR TEST MONDAY" to get additional help with topics you find difficult.
  • Use Quizlet PS2.3 to review vocabulary that will be on the test.
  • I have also created a practice test/review questions to see what you may still need to review for Monday. Go to Quizizz and enter code 538135
  • Use the links below to review simulations we have completed in class that go along with completed in-class activities to help review difficult concepts like free body diagrams, forces, distance-time and velocity-time graphs.
PS2.4 & PS2.5: Newton's Laws of Motion
PS2.4 Newton's 2nd Law: What factors effect acceleration?
PS2.4: Rocket Sled Activity:  Look at how friction affects the net force and movement of an object - Illustrates Newton's 1st & 2nd Laws
PS2.3 Describing Motion Links 
PS2.3 PhET Lab: Graphing Motion: Visualize how movement looks on a distance-time graph and a velocity-time graph.
PS2.3 Graph that Motion!: Practice identifying the correct animation with the correct Distance-Time or Velocity-Time Graph.

PS2.3 PhET Lab: Forces & Motion: Using "tug-of-war", understand how different forces in different positions on the rope effect the overall motion of the rope.
PS2.1 Lab for Electromagnetic Induction: Use this to see how an electrical current is produced using a moving magnet and a coil of wire. --Be sure to DOWNLOAD and then open the file.
While I'm absent Monday & Tuesday, you will use these websites to complete activities as I discussed with you Friday.  
  • You will need your purple notes as you watch the video in EDpuzzle: Finish Notes for Part 1
Newest standards we are working on in class are found at the top of the page.