DEBORAH FLANAGAN » CDMS Reading Specialist and Intervention Coordinator

CDMS Reading Specialist and Intervention Coordinator

All About Me
As a former first grade teacher at Chuckey Elementary, I loved to witness the look of amazement on the faces of my young students as they realized they could "read" on their own.  This joy on their faces caused me to love teaching them the art/science of reading.
Eleven years later, I had the opportunity to be the reading specialist at CDMS. This position allows me to work with students who have became "stuck" at the 3rd or 4th grade skill-level and, after several years of struggle ,are now frustrated and on the brink of giving up.
Each student comes to me with differing abilities, skill-sets and interests.  Some have never learned to love reading or how to get caught-up in the adventures of a story. They do not realize the vast amount of information that can be accessed through reading. Many of my students do not realize the need for or importance of being a proficient reader.
It is my passion to reach out to help those students so they may realize that reading proficiency is necessary today and within their capabilities --- they just need to fill in gaps of learning from the elementary years and learn those reading strategies that they have not yet mastered.
At middle school age a student's success will depend greatly on attitude and determination. Putting in the time to practice reading outside of school is of utmost importance and cannot be stressed to students and parents enough. The reading material should be of interest to the student and chosen by the student.  The research-based recommendation is 20 minutes per day of personal interest reading by students.  
Graduate of Shady Spring High School in West Virginia
Associate of Science in Elementary Education from Walters State Community College
Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Tusculum College
Master of Arts in Leadership and Principalship from Union College
Specialist in Education in Reading from University of Tennessee
I am married and have four daughters, one son, and one grandson. We moved to Greeneville in 1986 with my husband's job (Big Lots) and fell in love with the area.