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Social Media Mondays
We are going to start a new series of informational newsletters focusing on social media and cell phones. Newsletters will be posted each Monday in October and we hope you find them helpful in navigating the cyber world with preteens and teens.
Volume 1- October 4, 2021
Volume 2
Major Clarity - Startup Virginia
Major Clarity: What's the point?
        This platform will help students explore career options and create a plan to reach their goals. Whether it be college, career, or technical interest, the Major Clarity platform covers it all. Once students take the two assessments that have been assigned, they will be matched up with career pathways that suit their interests and learning styles. Once students get to high school, this platform will remain relevant. The high school will expect students to work within the site to create resumes, research careers, and explore college options. 
School Counselor vs. Guidance Counselor
          A lot has changed in the counseling realm since many of us were in school. The school counselor's role is one of those things that has had a major facelift over the last 20 years. Your school counselor is here to support students academically, mentally, and emotionally. Greene County is also striving to provide career and college support for students starting in the middle school setting. 
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~Mrs. McAmis