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Football Schedule


Chuckey Doak Middle School Football Schedule


2017-2018 School Year




Date                      Day                        Team                                                                     Location               Time


8/3/17                   Thursday             Nolichuckey/ Colonial Heights (Scrimmage)   CDMS practice field   6pm


8/8/17                   Tuesday               Middle School Football Jamboree             @ CHS                   6pm


8/15/17                Tuesday               Greeneville Middle School (Varsity)         @ GMS                 6pm


                                                                Greeneville Middle School (JV)                   @ GMS                 Following V Game


8/22/17                Tuesday               Cocke County Middle                                     @ CCHS                 6:30pm


8/24/17                Thursday             Johnson County (JV only)                              @ JCHS                 6:00pm


8/29/17                Tuesday               Hampton                                                              CDHS                    6pm


9/7/17                   Thursday             Unaka                                                                   CDHS                    6pm


9/14/17                Thursday             Cloudland                                                            @ CHS                   6pm


9/19/17                Tuesday               Parrottsville Middle                                        @ PM                    6:30pm


9/21/17                Thursday             Johnson County                                                CDHS                    6pm


9/28/17                Thursday             Happy Valley                                                      @ HVHS               6pm


10/9/17                Monday               1st round of Playoffs – TEAM TBD               TBD                        6pm


10/17/17              Tuesday               Regional Championship                                 TBD                        6pm


·         All games played in Greene County will have an entrance/gate fee of $5.00 for Adults and $3.00 for children


·         As of last year, games played in Carter and/or Johnson County had an entrance/gate fee of $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for children.  Greeneville City has an entrance/gate fee of $4.00