Google Classroom

A lot of classes will be utilizing Google Classroom this year across 6th, 7th and 8th grade. For help logging in, here is some helpful information.

You can access Google Classroom under the Resources tab 'For Students.' There you will find helpful information and links. It is important to note that when the students log in, they include after their firstname.lastname. When logging in at school, they don’t have to use that part, but must include that when logging in outside of school. All students know their student number for the password and it is important that the G and C are both capitalized in the password.


Log in information for 6th grade

Username: 26firstname.lastname

Pw: GCstudentnumber


Log in information for 7th grade

Username: 25firstname.lastname

Pw: GCstudentnumber


Log in information for 8th grade

Username: 24firstname.lastname

Pw: GCstudentnumber